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Home Improvements and getting the electrician in- when to plan your electrical changes

Most of us want to live in homes where the electrical cables are out of sight, and the socket outlets and light switches are recessed into the wall. This means concealing the cables in walls and floor ceiling voids, and cutting into the fabric of your home to create the spaces for the metal boxes that mount the various electrical fittings. Cutting into plaster and brick is a very dirty job.

Even putting recessed downlights in will entail routing cable through a floor space or loft as well as cutting holes in your ceilings. A great deal of dust and disruption, furniture moving etc is inevitable. Any decoration is likely to be ruined.

Therefore the best time to rewire or substantially renovate the wiring in a building is in the interval between one occupant moving out, and the next moving in. Not only will the stress, mess and disruption of the job be avoided, both for the tradesman and the customer, but the savings will be considerable in time and therefore money. In an empty property we can work all day. In an empty property there is no need to waste expensive time moving furniture and other fittings. In an occupied property the electrical installation must be made safe and usable every evening. This can waste huge amounts of time in getting the work completed.

So, it's a good idea to contact Red Kite Electrical early in your project to plan your project and definitely, well before you get the decorator, tiler or carpet layer in.

The alternative is to have cable run in surface trunking, and switches and sockets mounted in surface boxes. This is much less disruptive for a house in current occupation. But there is no doubt it is much less 'pretty'.

Getting advice from an electrical company like Red Kite will help you make sure you have the right electrical solution in terms of sockets, lights and their layout to meet your planned use. As a fully qualified Part P installer, Red Kite Electrical will also ensure that any planned electrical work takes into account relevant sections of the Building Regulations and will of course provide you with full certification upon completion which you may need to show the buildings inspector.

We can also provide you with suggestions on products such as a light/fan combination to fit in a bathroom or ensuite shower room or an adjustable Passive Infra Red Light or other lighting solutions for outdoors.

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